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pilates, yoga, ballet
under the same roof


Tailored solutions for body and mind well-being

Accademia Palermo 8

We are Accademia Palermo 8 - AP8 for friends - and for more than 12 years we have offered classes of pilates, yoga and ballet at our studio in Via Palermo 8, in the heart of Milan.

Everyday we open our doors with the intent of taking care of the well-being of your body and mind.

More than a studio, we are a welcoming home: under our roof we have space for three different disciplines and a team of more than ten people. 

We propose tailored solutions to well-being: group and individual journeys, to the discovery of the body through movement and breathing. 

Our passion for the disciplines we teach is guided by the goal of providing a super high-quality service, thanks to a unique location, excellent teachers, a flexible and customizable management of your classes.

Via Palermo 8 Milan

A welcoming space

Our studio is at the second floor of a fascinating historic building in Brera, Milan.
Light is the keyword to our rooms, which face a beautiful courtyard that turns green and is populated by birds in the spring.
You'll feel like you're in a comfortable apartment, where you'll find: three rooms dedicated to Pilates machines (reformer, cadillac, chair), a room for one-to-one classes (with machines) and the brightest room of all, the blue room, dedicated to floor classes, yoga and ballet.
We believe this is truly the perfect space to start - or continue - your journey to well-being. 

Excellent teachers

We could say qualified, expert, professionals, but we really want to write it out: our teachers are great!
A harmonious and varied team made up of sympathetic, available and passionate people: you'll take something different from each of them, and learn new ways of moving your body and breathe
The heterogeneity of our teachers allow us to respond to different needs: postural gymnastics, yoga therapy, functional traning, rehabilitation, meditation... These are just some of the specializations we have. 

Furthermore, in our administrative office you'll find a special hospitality: smiles and friendly words, mixed with kindness and professionalism. 



Partner of AP8, she's responsible for the pilates branch. She is a certified Covatech® teacher since 2008. She teaches intermediate and advanced pilates groups and one-to-one pilates classes as well as ballet for adults. 

Paola Ginevra

Partner of AP8, she is responsible for the yoga branch and has been teaching for more than 30 years. She is specialized in Hatha Yoga and Meditation; her classes aim at reaching a balance between mind and body. She also teaches one-to-one Yoga Therapy classes.


Partner of AP8, she doesn't teach but she is definitely our problem solver. She welcomes, manages and communicates. For any request you can contact her, she'll know how to make you feel at home. 

Maria Serena

Pilates teacher, she is specialized in posturology and TNM. She is our most technical teacher: she comes from the medical world and she is further training in ostheopathy. One of her most affectionate students calls her Growl, and it's quiet a particularly apt nickname. 


She teaches intermediate and advanced Pilates classes. Her classes are particulary intense and challenging: if you dream of sculpted abs and high glutes, Francesca is the right teacher for you. Stott pilates method.


She is a Covatech® certified Pilates teacher and comes from ballet. She pays particular attention to the alingment of the body and its movements and teaches intermediate and advanced classes; she is also specialized in the use and teaching of Chair®.


You can come by any morning and you'll definitely find one of Viola's classes, one of our most longtime teachers. She teaches all-levels classes with classic but dynamic sequences. Stott Pilates method.


From ballet, to pilates, through yoga: Clara has explored - and loved - all the disciplines we offer. Fashionable, funny, unconventional and with a tender heart, Clara teaches intermediate Pilates classes. Stott method.


She works in reception and administration but she is also a wonderful songwriter. Arya is our double-life star: you can find her behind the computer by day, and on a stage by night! 


Camilla M

Fascinated by movement, Camilla started from ballet, and then approached the world of yoga and pilates. In constant study, she is a certified teacher in all of this three disciplines.



Flexible management

We have a fluid booking system, without obligation to have fixed bookings, and with the possibility to autonomously manage your classes.
Our timetable is constantly updating, with lots of classes everyday (also on the weekend!) at (almost) all hours. 
And you can change your booking up to 12 hours before the class without penalty.  

Care and customization

We offer courses in small groups, allowing the teacher to focus on and attend each participant. 
But also duests and individual sessions, totally adjustable to your needs. 
We like to call each client by name - yes, we remember it already after our first meeting - and we do our best to satisfy any request.


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