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pilates, yoga, ballet
under the same roof


There are three disciplines in our hearts

The approach

Pilates, yoga and ballet are the disciplines we personally practice everyday, deepening their each and every aspect - theory, practice and phylosophy -, to reach psychophysical well-being

More than courses, we offer journeys to take care of your body and mind through practice, guided movement and aware breathing.

All journeys are flexible and completely customizable: you can pick up one or more disciplines and choose how to practice them - individually or in small groups -, you can move freely through our timetable and book according to your schedule, no restraints in terms of days and hours!



Individual journeys

Recommended in case of specific personal needs, individual classes offer a tailored solution for you. One-to-one yoga and pilates classes are also recommended in case of psycho and physical recovery from illnesses, surgery or traumatic events.

If you are looking for a dedicated space and exclusive attention, customized exercises and progress evalutation, one-to-one classes are the right journey for you.

Small groups journeys

Groups of max. 5 people per pilates class, 8 for yoga and ballet courses. Pilates classes are divided by level - beginner, intermediate, advanced - freely accesible and with no restraints in terms of days and hours. Yoga and ballet classes are open level.

For a semi-personalized training, always accurate and constantly supervised by our expert teachers.

If you don't have any physical issue and you like to challenge yourself with other people in a peaceful, non-competitive, professional but also intimate and informal environment, small groups are the right journey for you. 


pilates ap8


Pilates is a complete training method, based on the principles of focus, control, fluidity, precision and breathing. It was born as a form of floor postural gymnastics and was then refined with the help of machines - reformer, cadillac and chair - which support the body and channel the movement during the exercise, making it harder or easier on the muscles, thanks to a resistance system.

The benefits of regularly practicing pilates are: flexibility, muscular strenght and endurance, coordination, postural correction and body awareness. These benefits translate into a tangible improvement of life quality

yoga ap8


Yoga is the most antique psychophysical discipline: it is an intense and deep training of the whole body,
guided by breathing.
The different positions - asana - and breathing, are the essentials of yoga that lead us to an
aware listening of our body in motion.

Yoga is both a physical and mental activity: during the practice, and specifically during the meditation part,
the attention is laid on our mind, to learn how to concentrate deeply, to address and guide our thoughts
and observe them from a distance.

Each practice helps us to find again the centre of mind and body and enhance our attitude towards presence, while the body progressively acquires more strenght, flexibility and resistance.

With our approach, yoga becomes a tool of personal growth and wellbeing, comparable to actual therapy.

dance ap8


Dance, in all its forms, helds a special place in our hearts. We know it's a shared passion, a common childhood memory, a daydream that takes us back to when we were kids. 

Our ballet class is for anyone who wants to put on their dancing shoes and challenge themselves to the rhythm of music, without taking themselves too seriously but with the attitude and focus that this discipline requires. 

If you want to lay your hands on a barre, arch your back in a cambré or raise your leg in an arabesque, and to do it in a friendly and non-competitive environment, our class is perfect for you. 


Ci piace tantissimo aprire i nostri spazi a nuove collaborazioni: conoscere insegnanti, metodi e discipline.

Ci piace sperimentare, mescolare, provare.
Ogni volta è come scoprire un piccolo mondo e vogliamo coinvolgerti in questo viaggio. 

I workshop in questo senso sono una vera e propria occasione!


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